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  • Progressive Web Apps

    The Superpowers of the
    Web and Native Apps Combined

    by Google & Awwwards
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    Brain Food Vol 6
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    Progressive Web Apps
    The Superpowers of the
    Web and Native Apps Combined.

    by Google & Awwwards

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    We return to take a closer look at Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and how they combine the reach of the web with the device integrations of installed software. In Volume 1 we learnt the unique features PWAs offer users, how to build one, and how to assess the results.

    In this ebook, Volume 2 in the series, you will learn:

    The capabilities of Progressive Web Apps
    Product strategies for deploying PWAs
    Promotional patterns for driving installs of PWAs
    UX best practices for designing installed experiences that work reliably offline
    How to implement analytics to measure business impact.

    You will also discover Case Studies of pioneering next generation e-commerce experiences by Weekendesk and Etam, complemented with a selection of important tools and handy resources you can use when creating a Progressive Web App of your own.

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